“Willow and Oak have one heck of a ride through the pages of this book with family and friends getting involved along the way; and getting their lives in jeopardy as well. ”        Retired Techie, Amazon Reviewer.

Oak and Willow Krishnamurthy are sisters who have an unconventional family and curious lives, but there is something more about them, too: A talent.

A skill that sends them on a breakneck journey across the planet in an effort to avoid some ruthless pursuers.

Their hunters want what the sisters can do and don’t mind what they have to do to get it.

Can Willow find the flexibility to bend like the tree she was named for?

Can Oak find the strength she will need to match her nemesis?

With a cast of interesting characters to help and hinder them, they will certainly do their best to come out on top.

Popper wasn’t one for feeling gratitude, even where it was definitely due.  “You are weak,” she snarled.  “I will live and I will come back for you.”

“Oh, I hope not,” the floaty woman told her.  “It will be so bad for Willow to have to kill you.  Her aura, you know.”    

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