Satan Smith: Crap Demon Hunter


“You know when you can’t put a book down, when you really need to know what happens next? Well, this is one of those precious books. The mystery, the adventure, the interactions… Everything is carefully crafted to create a rhythm that will make you want to keep reading just one more chapter. I loved it!”      BarbaraP, Amazon.

Satan Smith and his beautiful German shepherd, Ghost, are both reeling under the changes that have happened at their beloved home, Avalon.

Just when they’ve started to think they’ll be happy forever, the woman he loves has gone and fallen for another man, a bloke that both Satan and Ghost think is the pits.

There’s also Satan’s new house-mate, who owns a spoiled Siamese cat… and a haunted painting.  Not entirely unusual in your average share-house, but still, it’s unsettling.

Then there’s the spook who’s haunting his good friends next door and has a penchant for a little more mischief than some gentle chain-clinking and moaning.

Once more, Satan and his loyal sidekick, Ghost, have to rise to the occasion. Can what he has learned from his addled demon fighter Da help him succeed against these new paranormal threats? Will he ever come out of the closet as a folk music player?  Will he be able to keep his fists off the new boyfriend?  Only time will tell!

“After what happened to us, I now believe in Santa and bunyips and glitter-pooing unicorns,” I say, leaning one arm on the edge of Teo’s door and waving the other one around as if to encompass the universe and everything in it.  “You can’t tell me anything I will think is nuts.”

“Ok.  Try this.  I think we have a ghost in the new house.”  He looks at me as if he’s waiting for me slap him down, but I just calmly look back at him and try not to act too excited.

“Da’s been teaching me about ghosts,” I say.

“Thank fuck for that,” Owen says.

Who believes in glitter-pooing unicorns?

Satan does!

To continue the fun and spooky journey with Satan Smith and all of his housemates,  buy the book now in kindle or print form!