Land of Giants

“Love blossoms, a strange darkness is vanquished, blood flows and magic happens. And the Gods? Well you’ll have to read it, won’t you.”        Gavin, Amazon Reviewer.

Seven good friends on an adventure that will test every ounce of their courage…

When their beloved housemates, Lily and Perry and the opinionated dog, Bu, disappear, only Lem and Andy know what has happened.

Along with their friends, the mad Australian Scotsman, Brodie, and his war-like love, Stikla, they set out on a rescue mission to another dimension.

There, ancient giants still walk the earth, and they are drawn into a contest between gods, where humans and animals alike are merely pawns… or are they?

Can Andy learn to control her Seeing enough to help save her friends and herself too?

Will Lem’s music be of any use in a place where a sword is the best tool you can have?

It felt very wrong.  Lem kept seeing this image in his mind of The Fool from the tarot decks, stepping merrily off the cliff. 

He and Andy were about to sail away from these two friends who were possibly the only people they knew or trusted in this whole wide dimension. 

To ride the waves of adventure wth Lem and Andy, buy the book now in kindle or print form and enter a new dimension!