Heroic Plans

“Light hearted read for the grown up horsey girl in all of us. Super characters who we are growing to love in the Galloping Plans series and some lovely new horses I wish I could own.”    Jenny,  Amazon Reviewer.

Shy Tam is often overshadowed by the larger than life characters around her, but something is about to happen to change that. Her darling young Warmblood, Prince William, doesn’t want to be a dressage horse, and if she is to keep moving forward with his training, Tam is going to have to collect her courage and take up the sport that he loves and she fears: Eventing.

While Tam makes a heroic plan to ease herself into this scary and exciting new horsey adventure, some of the people near her are plotting in other ways.

Intrigues are afoot to liven up her non-existent love life, and there are deeper, darker schemes swirling around her that might mean she needs more courage than she ever imagined.

Can Tam and Willie make it round a cross country course without Tam losing her nerve, or the strength in her knees?

Can Kat, Seamus and Jimmy help her find true love?

Who is planning darker derring-do, and will Tam and her friends be able to counter them?

“You could pay someone to fall arse-first into ditches for you,” Kat agrees, snickering to herself.  I spray across at her with my hose and she ducks round behind Devil, still snickering.

“Maybe he got rid of Mary so he can have that nooner,” comes her cheeky voice from behind the little black horse.

“No nooners!” I say.  “I’m nowhere near having a nooner!”

Will Tam go arse-first into the ditch again, and what else is being plotted that’s even murkier than the bottom of a ditch?

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