Freya and the Hairy Goddess

“Grab a copy and have a giggle while you secretly wish you too could be like Freya and run amok in a land of giant birds, fantastic battles and courageous friendship.”      Jenny, Amazon Reviewer.

Freya Rides Again!

As wild as ever, Freya and her evil horse, Dinna, join old friends and new in an adventure that takes them rampaging across the frozen wastes of the far north.

This time, it’s a quest to save the Goddess of a people she once knew only as myths.

Along the way, she gets to do lots of fighting, has plenty of fun, boinks a few likely blokes, and gets into a bunch of shenanigans as only Freya knows how.

Over-the-top, funny, rude, bloodthirsty Sword and Sorcery for almost all of the family, or perhaps not!

Freya ducked a falling piece of masonry.  As magic blasted back and forth, it was being deflected off in all directions.

Bjarni was suddenly beside her, a warm and sturdy presence.  “What do you need?” he shouted to her.

What does Freya need from Bjarni? 

What mad, magical adventure have they found themselves on now? 

Buy the book in kindle or print form and ride with Freya and her friends!