Freya and the Golden Bear

“If you like light hearted, tongue in cheek action, go no further. Merrybard takes you on a rollicking, frolicking, jaw smashing, side splitting, magic filled jaunt.”        Gavin, Amazon Reviewer.

Freya Fjordrider is a free spirit. No dark fate or dire quests for her. She rollicks across the land as she sees fit, bowing her head to no leader, seeking only amusement and treasure wherever they are to be had.

Then an intriguing man with a mystery about him, the Golden Bear, draws her into an adventure she will never forget.

Along the way they encounter magic and mayhem, and bring together a motley crew of fellow adventurers, who travel with them to ensure the future of a Kingdom.

Can Freya and her band of misfits come out on top against an evil magician with pretensions at world domination?


Freya rubbed her neck, took deep breaths and looked around her at the nine bodies in the dust of the road.  “If you’d dispatched the rest, why didn’t you come lend me a hand?” she asked the great stranger.

“You wanted to blood your sword,” he rumbled, and she could hear the smile in his voice.  “Besides,” he added, “I like to watch.”

To find out who the mysterious stranger is, and to rampage further into adventure with Freya, buy the book now in kindle or print form and get ready to have fun!