T.L. Merrybard's Books

Fantasy Series

The Norse World Tales

Journey to a dimension where Megafauna and Vikings still stomp across the land.

Land of Fire

When a first date goes very wrong for Lily and Perry, they find themselves in a different dimension of Western Australia, one that is nowhere near as gentle as their own.

Perry’s mad Medievalist mate, Brodie, has been dragged into a plot to overthrow a king.

Can the transplanted pair, along with an odd band of helpers, rescue their friend?

Land of Giants

Once more Lily and her friends are snatched away to another dimension.

They find themselves in a different Brazil, where the Megafauna are particularly large and alive and the local gods extra feisty.

This time it is Lily, Bu and Perry who must be rescued.

Can Andy the dreamy mystic, Lem the eccentric musician, and their other friends, get them out in time?

The Fjordrider Chronicles

Carefree and wild, Freya roves across the land with her sword, her very bad-tempered horse, and an everchanging host of interesting characters for company and competition.

Gory and rude, these books are not for the faint of heart, but they are a heck of a lot of fun!

Freya and the Golden Bear

Freya is just getting the hang of her unpleasant new horse when she comes across a warrior who convinces her to join his quest to find the stolen son of a king.

Why not?  She wasn’t doing anything much anyway, and the warrior has offered riches, fighting, adventure… and himself.

Freya and the Hairy Goddess

Someone has stolen the goddess of the mythical Hairymen.

When Freya’s old comrade, Bjarni, asks her to help him hunt for the missing deity, she joins the band.

After all, it’s Bjarni, and Freya always did have a soft spot for that particular hunky warrior, and then there’s the treasure, and the fighting…

The Satan Smith & Ghost Tales

Satan Smith, known only to his Ma as Gilbert, is a shy guy who hides behind a tough exterior.  He’s moved into a lovely old share house with his German shepherd, Ghost. and he’s finding that it’s not as peaceful as he first thought.

Satan is learning how to fight supernatural baddies of all kinds, and with the help of his new friends, he’s also learning how to be a human.

Chicken Soup for Satan

Like dogs AND fantasy?

Join tough guy, Satan, and his dog, Ghost, as they try to get settled in with new housemates, both normal and paranormal, and decide just who is the scariest.

If any book can be called a cosy horror story, this is it!

Satan Smith: Crap Demon Hunter

Satan’s up against the spooks again!

Luckily he’s got all of his old Avalon mates to help him, and his beloved Ghost too.

Trouble is, how can Satan concentrate on his demon hunting when there’s all these new blokes hanging around and his Da is more gaga than ever before?

Stand Alone Fantasy

Dog Slobber

One for the kids, or for the kid in all of us who always wanted their own dog.

Living in a far distant future in Western Australia, Bassie has to decide just how far she will go for her best friend.

He’s a normal dog, he happens to be a little bigger (and slobberier) than the average dogs of today!


Oak and Willow are two sisters with the same skill:  They can instantly jump anywhere that they can see on a computer screen.

It was fun at first, but now a bad man wants what they can do.

Will their courage, and their odd collection of friends and family, be enough to keep them out of his clutches?

Bunyip Dreaming

Did you ever get so sick you’d have given up anything to get better?

Anna has made a wish with the bunyip to do just that, and finds herself on another planet.

Now she gets to prove to just what she can do with an amazing new body, and hopefully save herself and a whole alien race in the process.