Dog Slobber


“I LOVED this story so much!  It is a very catchy story that you don’t want to stop reading when you have to. I like the characters that you meet in the story and one of them is Hugs-The-Trees.”  

Niamh (9), Amazon Reviewer.

Bassie has grown up in a technological stronghold in the far distant future.

Holed up in their safe home, Bassie’s people have shaped the plants and animals to help them survive.  They have also isolated themselves from the rest of the world, where things are not going so well.

When her giant dog, Ferry, is stolen, Bassie has to go out into that scary world or say goodbye forever…

How far would you go for your best friend?

“Rarr! Rarr!” said Dizzy as she rubbed and rolled, too happy to keep silent, and even dignified Barge made some growly noises as he scrooched back and forth on his back, huge legs up in the air, long hair flopping every which way.

“I feel like doing that too,” said Dane coming to sit beside me. He lay right down on the ground, not minding that his wet pants were getting covered in sand, but he didn’t roll around, luckily. “Ahh,” he said, “Solid ground! What a treat!”

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