Chicken Soup for Satan


“Laughter, smutty jokes, and horrid surprises… with a lasting residual fear of walking alone in the Aussie bush. Hide this book from children!”      Penelope-Jane, Amazon Reviewer.

Gill Smith and his dog, Ghost, think they’ve found the perfect place to live. The house-mates are friendly, the house is beautiful and the surroundings are peaceful and spacious.

Gill can’t believe his luck!

Trouble is, strange things have begun happening around this peaceful house.  Scary things.

Who, or what, is to blame for the unearthly creatures that are plaguing the house-mates and their pets?

What creature out of the lost worlds of myth will come after them next?

Gill likes to come across as tough (and with a nickname like Satan, who would question it!) but is he tough enough to stick it out when the weird stuff really hits the fan?

A fun tale of friendship, animals, and things that go bump in the night.

I don’t close my window.  I want that breeze, and I don’t think the were-orangutan, or whatever that thing was, is likely to come in looking for more of what Ghost gave it earlier.

I drift off to sleep, sprawled on the bed with my dog beside me, and the last thing I think as I go off is, “What’s red and climbs trees?  Sounds like a bad riddle.  I hope the answer is funny!” 

What is red and climbs trees?

To find out, and to meet Satan Smith and all of his housemates, scary and not so scary, buy the book now in kindle or print form!