Bunyip Dreaming

“A brilliant and fantastically imaginative world created in this book. Such depth of characters, fauna, society and storyline. I really enjoyed this book and didn’t want it to end. There surely has to be another book please!!”       Jenny, Amazon Reviewer.

Would you take a boon if it was offered to you by a mythical Australian water beast?

Trapped in an ailing body and an empty life, Anna is desperate enough to do just that, but like all such mythical wishes, this one is granted in a way that Anna doesn’t expect.

She finds herself not only in a new life, but on a new planet as well, with alien invaders to fight and a desperate populace to lead.

Anna has what she wished for, if not in the way she might have chosen. Can she take advantage of her newly-strong warrior’s body and powerful place in this new society to make a life worth living?

Finding a purpose at last and quickly becoming fond of those around her, Anna is determined to make good, but even if she somehow saves her new people, will this existence turn out to be all a dream after all?

The beast was skewered, but Anna didn’t have time or spare hands to save herself.  She landed face-first in the dusty ground and skidded for a metre before rolling over twice and coming to a panting rest on her back, her arms stretched out to the sides.

“No better dream than this one,” she puffed to herself, and cursed the bunyip for its skewed blessing.

Will this new life be a blessing after all? 

It’s certainly never boring! 

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