“It is a joy to read well written stories and I can’t wait for the next from this author.” Natasha Coster, Amazon Reviewer of Land of Fire

T.L. is currently having fun with her Facebook fans. She’s been writing four of them into a lively Sword & Sorcery tale and reading it live as a serial.  It’s fast, it’s naughty and it’s definitely a Freya adventure! 


Get a yourself a cup of tea, then sit back and relax, while T.L. tells you a tale of magic and mayhem…

Satan Smith: Crap Demon Hunter

The lively sequel to Chicken Soup for Satan


Join Satan Smith and his good mates, human and animal, as they fight  paranormal critters across the Australian bush landscape.

 Satan and his beautiful dog, Ghost, once more have to grab their courage in both hands (or paws) and fight off spooky interlopers.  And then there’s the terror of socialising with new people.  Aieee!  Which will Satan find scarier?

“Merrybard is an adept wordsmith with great skill in bringing the reader along for the ride.” J.O’Hehir, Amazon Reviewer of Webriders